Summer Junior Squash Camps 2016 in Spain with James Willstrop

Updated: Ιανουάριος 26, 2016

Dear families,

We would like to present the 13th edition of the Summer Camp programme with the same illusion and motivation as the very first day, when in October 2003 a small part of the Squash Camp was marked at a national level. Since then, little by little doors have been opened to countries outside of Spain, therefore becoming an internationally recognised camp.

Our professionalism is guaranteed, our enthusiasm to inspire juniors, our sports structure and the most important of all, the healthy competitive international atmosphere. We look after our pupils to the very last detail.

More than 1,000 pupils have passed through our hands, from more than 35 countries. We have had the fortune of being able to count on the best players in the world, such as Greg Gaultier (current world champion), Simon Parke from the United Kingdom (No. 3 in the world), John Milton, one of the most prestigious international coaches, Borja Golán (No. 5 in the world) and several professional players like Joan Lezaud, Iker Pajares and an endless amount of people who have helped us maintain this project solid and with the capability to continue growing and improving.

Organizing a Camp is a great responsibility for the coaches, who day by day work hard so that our pupils enhance their personalities and grow as sportsmen/women. Our mission is to improve the performance of all our young players, instilling values, such as consistency, sacrifice with a clear objective; the importance of balancing studies with sport on a daily basis. We will continue to instil these values, which for us are of the utmost importance for their education.

In 2016 we will have important changes:

– The attendance of James Willstrop. No. 1 in the world in 2012. It is a compliment to have him present. Class and impressive Squash Skills in Palencia. He will teach us so much. Get information of dates and promotions.

– We will work on competitive sports psychology through meticulously prepared seminars for the occasion.

– We will present our new model of training for the camp with a new methodology of work. Each year, thanks to our team on the camp and the international assessors, we can guarantee quality.

– We will carry out a personalized physical preparation to the very last detail.

– We will continue video analysis to correct certain aspects, but above all promote all potential.

We will organize and prepare a camp of work to the very last detail. We should like to be able to count on you and transmit all of our experience. We look forward to seeing you on the camp.

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With my very best regards,

Tino Casas

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